Have you ever confused with several versions of your draft files? Or maybe you have been wasting time to marge your files with others. This tutorial will guide you the simple way to deal with these problems.

What is Github?

Github is an internet hosting service which provides a version control system. It serves two main purposes including code backup and code versioning. It will save your work step-by-step and you can recall every changing. Moreover, you can automatically merge your file with others. Let’s start with Github.

Fork a git repository, creating a branch and adding a new file

First, you need to have a git repository. You can create your own new repository…

source : https://www.breakthroughs.com/health-tomorrow/how-finland%E2%80%99s-unique-genetic-heritage-being-used-study-links-between-genes-and


Most rare variants that were not suspected as causes of natural selection might be causes of some diseases. If the variants could be inherited from generation to generation, they would be signatures of population history. Finland is a convenient example which has signatures of population history. This population which dense and permanent region has been found that they carried several heritage diseases such as familial hypercholesterolemia which are rare diseases in other populations. These heritage diseases were the direct results of founder effects and genetic isolation. To study spreading of these phenotypes, haplotype-based methods were employed in this study.

Population selection


source: https://www.biospace.com/article/swiss-researchers-develop-biosensor-to-detect-covid-19-virus-in-the-air/

What’s Epidemiological Study?

Epidemiological study is the study of distribution, patterns and determinants of events and factors which are health-related in specific population. This study aims to understand disease processes that guide to control health problems.

From News Medical Life Sciences, in the topic of Study highlights link between obesity, impaired metabolic health, and COVID-19 severity reported that obesity and impaired metabolic health have interconnection with severe COVID-19. Obese persons are considered that they have BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or above. Impaired metabolic health covered hyperglycaemia, hypertension, subclinical inflammation, etc.

What type of epidemiological study?

Authors showed that researchers analyzed information by comparison of study groups…

What’s Exploratory Data Analysis ?

Exploratory Data Analysis is a critical process which can be used to investigate pattern, anomalies, hypothesis and assumptions of raw data. The process including statistical and graphical tools.

Data exploration

Raw data was downloaded from https://www.kaggle.com/c/titanic. There are 12 variables that contain Passenger ID, Survived, Ticket class(pclass), Name, Sex, Age, Number of sibling and spouse (SibSp), Number of parent and child (Parch), Ticket number (Ticket), Passenger fare (Fare), Cabin number (Cabin) and Port of embarkation (Embark).

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